Pink Marble Nails with Gold Foil Accent 🤩 (easy)

Hello girls! How are you doing today? 💕
hope you're all fine and ready to kick off this week! 💪🏻
Who doesn't love a little gold and pink on your nails? I do 🥰 and that's why today I'm showing you how I do this very easy "Marble Nails" little tutorial, I bet you can do it too 🔥

• I like to start off by applying my favorite nail polish, in this case, I'm using gel but you can do regular polish 🥰 this one's Gelux in Marshmallow by Mia Secret.
• Once I have my base, then you pick the color of your "marble effect" I picked white ✨ I think the nude pink and white marbled together feel light and delicate and feminine 🎀
• As you can see in the video I just do wiggly lines on my nail AND this is what makes the magic, ADD nail polish remover to dilute the polish and create that marble effect! 🪐 ( if you used regular polish as your base I suggest using water to dilute the lines) 😊
• To add a little something-something and I felt that this completed the look I added a little bit of that gold foil in to my nail, it's super easy girls don't be scared to try it! 😍😍 I just gently picked it up with my finger and tapped it lightly onto the painted nail.
• And last but not least to finish it up I added a clear top coat to set everything in place and voila! You got amazing Marble Nails 🥰🥰 would love to see pictures of you recreating this technique ✨✨

Let me know in the comments if you are going to try it out 🤩💕

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