MAKEUP FAVORITE: Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette

Hey PrismPop! Today I am showing you one of my favorite products: the Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette.
🗓 I've been using this product for years (I definitely need a new one so apologies for its unsightliness 🙈)
🖌 It comes with a short brush for application and blending
🍫 I use the medium mocha along with the cheekbones, the deep mocha along the sides of the nose and the cocoa butter under the eyes and along the jawline.
⏰  Amazing if you're new to contouring or don't want to spend very much time contouring
☕️ It actually smells like cocoa!
🌙 I use this for a night out or lightly for a more put-together daytime look.
VERDICT: I highly recommend this if, like me, you don't want to spend a ton of time on your makeup, but still want to accentuate your bone structure. It's also great to travel with! 👜
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  • Linda Goodall

    I have the same one and love it.

  • Amanda Lingle

    Too faced is such a GREAT brand. I love their products that have that sweet cupcake smell to them. Yum. Truthfully I havent tried a contour yet. Im still on the fence about it. But thank you for the step by step. It really helps us who havent tried it understand what its all about.