MADE YOU LOOK: Uploading a Great Look Post

Here's how to create a high quality, informative and useful piece of PrismPop content when creating and uploading a "LOOK" post.

"Long" posts are more focused on the story within your experience while "Look" posts are more focused on the visual elements of your experience.

A “Look” is broken down into 2 parts: VISUALS & TEXT.

~ Part 1: VISUALS ~

Looks can be either a video or a series of photos.
Option 1: 📹 One Short Video;

Formatting Tips:
⏳Length: 1 minute or under
📐Specs: Square (1:1) or vertical (9:16 / 1080x1920)

How to Shoot:
✋Show, then tell; 👀Keep everything in frame and get up close!
🤭Don’t ramble; keep topics relevant to your content's message
👍Keep it real; use natural lighting instead of studio lights

Option 2: 📸MULTIPLE Photos:

Not a video person? That's OK, your content can shine as a Look Post with Multiple Pictures illustrating your message. Here's how to do it:

🤳 Make sure your pictures are clear, understandable and formatted in high resolution.
👉 Highlight its special features and important selling points. The more high quality detail, the better.
📦Include packaging, all steps of application, consistent before & after images, and anything else you would want to see if you were deciding to purchase
📸 Make sure to include a variety of shots like product shots, detailed close-ups, "after" selfies, and side-by-side comparisons.

🔗Want to repost from other platforms? You can also embed your outside content straight from Instagram or Youtube.

~ PART 2: TEXT ~

Text is just as important as visuals. Make sure your high quality post gets featured by writing a fabulous text section.
💻Use the description box for information not easily communicated in the visuals (summary, shade names, contextual info, etc.)
💻Spend plenty of time on your description text; it should state everything said in the video and more, broken up into easily understandable bullet points with emojis 😛

That's it! ~

☺️ We strive to create a community of passionate beauty lovers and encourage everyone to create high quality content - & it's not as hard as you think!
💕 Hope this content guide can help you make your first post or inspire you to better your existing content. We can't wait to see what you create.


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