Mac Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash Mascara

I am such a fan of the normal Extended Play mascara. Specifically for my bottom lashes. So I had to get my hands on the Mac Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash Mascara.
Formula - The original has a dinkier brush, but the formula is the same. It doesn’t budge or flake, and its super separating. It’s also not too much of a bitch to get off! For some, it works on their top lashes top, but not on my boring straight ones. However the new one does.

Applicator - The spoolie is bigger, fluffier and curved. It works really well coating and elongating the lashes. It gives a fair amount of volume too. But the big thing for me? It holds a curl. All day long. Mac-Extended-Play-Perm-Me-Up-Lash-Mascara-2019-03-27-at-20.36.07.jpeg
👎Drawback - Unfortunately for me personally, the brush doesn’t work as good as the original on my bottom lashes. The formula does, but I just can’t get the definition  with the bigger fluffier brush. Kind of gutted. I thought I was on to a money saving winner. However I think I’m still destined to keep buying the original too.
🤑It’s good to note, that the OG is 5.7 grams. Whereas the new one comes with 8 grams of product for a pretty identical price point.
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  • Pauline

    Liked your product called Mac Perm Me Up Mascara. Been there were the curve could hinder you a bit. Nice review and interesting pics that are very helpful. Maybe try a beauty shop for a new appl. brush?

  • Jennifer Henning

    Extended Play Perm Me Up Mascara seems really great. I'd love to try this product to see if it really does help with no clumping or not. It's always the biggest problem for me when using mascaras.

  • theresa

    i wanted the mac extended play mascara forever .every one talks good about the mascara always postive things im waiting to try it . would this be ok to put with false eyelashes? also if you have an the old mac mascara want maybe you can apply it with that instead of the new mascara wand.

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