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MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush: A Well-Used Daily Staple

The one item I have from MAC that I really enjoy and use almost every day is the MAC #239 Eye Shader Brush. I picked this one up many years ago as one of my first “high end” makeup brushes because at the time, I was really into loose pigments and loose powder eyeshadow, and the advise I got then, for the best brush to use those products with, was this one.
⭐In a nutshell
The MAC 239 Eye Shader brush is a natural bristle brush with white goat hair, that has short dense, firm bristles. It works very well to pack on color on lid and to blend out using the edge of the brush. The bristles are soft against the skin and it works very well if you want intense color or have to work with hard textured eyeshadows that you find hard to pick color up and to apply on skin. I love this brush and I don’t like many (or any) things from MAC 
💯What I use it for: lay down color for eyeshadow, really pack on color, especially for loose pigments
💯Brush Hair: Natural (white goat possibly)
👍Pros: Soft against skin, Picks up color very well, Packs on color on lid with little trouble, Very good for hard textured eyeshadows
ğŸ‘ŽCons:  can sometimes be easy to overdo if you aren’t careful, especially true if you’re working with dark colors. It always surprises me how intense dark colors look when I use this brush
⭐Who will like this: Anyone who wants to apply intense vibrant color on lids, Anyone who likes using loose pigments or loose powder eyeshadows and want an intense effect, Anyone who wants an all in one brush.
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