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Luxury Beauty Gift Guide Under $50 - Charlotte Tilbury, Tata Harper +

As the holidays approach, I always like to get a little bit of a headstart on shopping.
I love luxury items myself and when I can, that's what I like to gift, too. It's a great way to show someone that you love them generously and believe they’re worthy of fabulous products.
But frugality is on the brain this year so I'm scaling back - that's why I’ve put together a luxury gift guide under $50!
Ready for my picks? Here goes:

1. Herbivore Jade Roller $30
Jade Rollers are a popular gift right now but one with the HERBIVORE logo across the middle? That's definitely going to step up a shelfie.

2. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Secrets Set $45
Liner, Lipstick & Gloss! The 3 must-haves and a great combo for the lippie lover in your life.
Plus, the packaging is so gorgeous.

3. Tata Harper Very Naughty Lip and Cheek Tint $39
I think the name says a lot about why this could be a perfect holiday gift. I realize that deep colors definitely have their shining moments in the holidays. Since it does have a dual purpose, I know that whoever gets this gift will find a fun use for it.
4. Le Labo Body Scrub $48
Invite them to take extra time to reset and reduce stress while removing dead skin cells and promoting skin hydration.
This is an important part of holiday skincare as it gets quite cold depending on where you are in the world. 

5. Cle de Peau Lip Glorifier $45
Here’s a lip product I'm sure would be a great suggestion for anyone doing gift shopping. Why? There's no shade!
This lippie works with your natural lip color to just give lips that extra ~holiday glow~ but in a soft-effect kinda focus.
Perfect for a makeup newbie, too!

6. Butter London Little Luxuries $26
I love doing my nails over the holidays.
These “little luxuries” are a great size to try different polish shades and they're all bursting with Holiday Cheer (AKA sparkles!! SPARKLES!)

7. Diptyque Eau Rose Cream $40
Diptyque candles are my weakness! Buuut they're not under $50. So this is the next best thing!
This cream, just like the body scrub, is great for those especially in cooler temperatures who might be dealing with a lot of dry skin.
But anyone would appreciate this luxurious little gift!

8. Ted Baker Popipe Opal Manicure Set $49
This is one beauty product that’s from a well-known fashion brand, so it caters to beauty AND fashion lovers!
I love to give manicure sets because they fit anybody, they are useful, and you just can't have too many emery boards.
Plus, the tweezers and scissors can be used for other purposes like to shape your eyebrows! It's the gift that keeps on giving. 💝

Who are you shopping for this season? Or what's on your list? I'd love to hear what you're up to!

& I truly hope this guide helps you during your gifting search this holiday season!


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  • Rita Whirls

    Great post. I want to try all these products. I could use something new to try.

  • Denise Dunn

    Oh i wanna try~!

  • Marlena Fannin

    This is truly an amazing guide to gift giving. I will be considering some of these products for my daughter. I like the Cle de Peau Lip Glorifier for her. It seems like a gift that she would enjoy. As for myself, I would love for someone to get me a Jade roller, no matter what kind. Thanks for sharing 😉.

  • Mariangel Carmona

    What a way to summarize these options! I would go for the Charlotte Tillbury set to give to myself, I love lippies!

  • Micheala

    I could so use that body scrub. i love holiday shopping even during the stressful moments. I dont know it just makes me cheerful.

  • Esther

    If I had to choose I most likely get the depuffing roller Ive never purchased or used one in the past so I like tp experience something new

  • Madison

    The Lip glorifier

  • Melissa Griffith

    Thank you for putting this together for us. Some really good gift ideas. It really did help to make my life a little easier.

  • Tiffany Yuen

    What a cool holiday shopping guide! ⛄️❄️ You did a lovely job with the layout and article! 🤗💕 The Tata Harper Very Naughty Lip and Cheek tint would make a really exciting holiday present for sure! 🎁 The items in this guide I’m interested in are the Herbivore Jade Roller and the Tata Harper Lip and Cheek tint. It doesn’t feel like Black Friday is going to matter anymore because of the pandemic, but I’m thinking there will be a lot of amazing sales all season long due to the pandemic! 🤔 Also- I’ve seen a lot of items from some of these brands at TJ Maxx and Marshalls! So it would be totally possible to find some of these items for at least 50% less than the prices listed here! 😉 That being said, I haven’t been on the inside of a store since the pandemic started and will likely do minimal holiday shopping online this year! This year, I’m gift shopping for my immediate family and a few cousins. I’m thinking most of their gifts will be ordered from Etsy! I’ve been really into customized presents lately. You can even find cosmetics there! (I bought some blue lipstick from a small company called Clean Faced Cosmetics last week!)

  • emma

    Love all of these! Definitely have my eye on the Herbivore jade roller

  • Patricia

    These are all wondeful! My favorites are Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Secrets Set a must have for Pillow Talk shade lovers, and Butter London Little Luxuries is a beautiful and versatile gift set that makes a great gift. Thank you for suggesting these sets, great post!

  • Deanna Straub

    Awesome post. I like the Pillow Talk Lip Secrets the best. A luxurious gift is always wonderful for ladies. Happy Holiday's ya'll.

  • Pauline

    I am in store for manicure sets and Butter London Nail Polishes set of 4. Love the prices and love all the variety in these gifts to give yourself and others at Christmas. A little something for everyone on your list. Loved this beauty gift guide review and pretty posts.

  • Hallie

    I gave everyone jade rollers last year. I am interested in the manicure kit and I think my sil would like the lip kit. I am so glad companies are spreading out their "black Friday" sales all month long. The actual day is a madhouse to be avoided. I hope they keep up this trend because there is no reason to cause a store crush.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Thank you for this post and gift ideas. I think any self care item is perfect for gift giving. I may even splurge on my self this year.

  • Betty Renee Beaman

    I have my eye on a jade roller for myself and a couple family members this year...I heard they have them at dollar tree but I don't know if I'm going to go that cheap..I'm afraid it might not work well..I want a good one to relax and massage my face through all this stress!!

  • Tracie Nguyen

    Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Secrets Set $45 is my best beauty holiday gift for this year. Charlotte Tisbury have the sophisticated design and their products are good. I love lipstick so that this always my best choice ever. I don't feel like Black Friday is around me this year. I made the purchases online more than in store because of the dangerous virus (I am a mom of 1 year baby so that I have to protect me for her) Hope it will be better.

  • Nichole Stauffer

    I have never been a person who holds back my opinion on anything so why start now ??? I have never spent $ 48 on ANY beauty product let alone a body scrub. So as you can imagine I am going to be sceptical of this one product . Maybe,if it came in individual packets to where all my family members had the opportunity to try this product for themselves I would be more accepting of this particular product.Hey just a friendly suggestion from a consumer to a company. Merry Christmas shopping to all and to all a good night!!!!

  • Stephanie Dias

    I’m shopping for family this year but not sure what I’m getting them yet. I can’t wait to start shopping on Black Friday!!!

  • Marija

    Too Faced Liquid Lipstick Set is great. It has 4 liquid Lipsticks packed in a cute box. It is great affordable holiday gift. I like the most Too Faced Liquid Lipstick Set and Too Faced Better than sex Mascara Vault. You can keep one for yourself and gift the other 4. Everyone needs a good mascara. Eye makeup is important during this pandemic because that is the only thing not covered by mask so make the most out of it. It feels like Black Friday is already here.

  • Naf

    Great brands and great products! From this list, I think that the Ted Baker Popipe Opal Manicure Set would make the best holiday gift just because it contains very useful items. I am the most interested in Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Secrets Set, it sounds like a fun and complete set for lips. Yes, it seems like Black Friday already!

  • Katie

    I really like the Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk set! Pillow talk is so pretty! These are all some great gift options! Although my favorite way to shop is through gift sets, as opposed to individual items. I feel like I get more for my money that way.

  • Michelle McCray

    Luxury Beauty Gift Guide Under $50 Is The Best Bkack Friday Deal For Me Look@ All The Awesome Things You Can Get. Amazing 🤩🌈💋👁️👁️💅💄

  • Stephanie

    Great gift ideas,I actually want some for myself!

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    These all look great and some of these would make great gifts for my family, BF or other friends. I would love to get any of these myself.

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