Loving *yesto grapefruit peel-mask

🍊Heeeeyyy! 😀 Nicole back again for another quick review post about one of the 7 items I recieved in my Fall Haul Prisimpop goodie bag, (which is heaven) I am gonna be talking about this wonderful *yesto grapefruit vitamin C glow-boosting peel-off mask!

❤🍊I just want to say YES to yesto. The single use packet I recieved was hands down superb. The smell was amazing, not too powerful but just a nice light grapefruit scent, cooling sensation as the mask tightened up real nice as it dried. It did take about 20 minutes for it to dry but I get that with every mask I use. There was a nice amount in the packet and after easily peeled away the mask and rinsed my face, I noticed my face was brighter and softer. I truly want to get this again. But next time I WILL have the mask application tool! Must have as this mask was a bit runny/thin...whatever you wanna call it. So I will be posting some more about what I got in my prime prisimpop bag!  I also wanna know ,What is your favorite mask???

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