Loved My Urban Decay Naked Rule34 Lip Gloss

I got Urban Decay Naked Rule34 Lip Gloss for a birthday present from a friend. I absolutely adored it! I'm so sad 😭 that they no longer carry it❗️It was so perfect to wear alone or for a sheer color on top of another lipstick. 
But, on the plus side, I am now a lover of Urban Decay. And I will be buying another one of their lip glosses ASAP❣️

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  • Myshell

    Awesome Review !! I'd love to see the color though ;)

  • Micheala

    Could use this thanks for review

  • Sarah

    Man it always seems to happen! Find something you really like, in a color you really like or a formula and balm it get discontinued or switched hopefully you will be able to find a comparable one!!