Love this polish

I absolutely love this nail polish. It was the perfect color for me. I usually don't like alot of light colors, so when I saw this I was ecstatic. I had to get it. So right when I got home I started painting my nail. Well the first coat looked great but it didn't seem like it was enough, so I did another coat and it was absolutely perfect. I had the right color and shine. It might be a little more than I usually pay for nail polish(I go cheap) but wasn't sure if i would find it when I did have the money. But it's one everyone should get. 

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  • Serena

    Audrey I love the dark colors too (especially ones that are budget friendly) and this color is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing my friend- please let me know if you get any new colors so I can check them out too! PS Did you every try those nail strips/stick ons?