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Look #5 'Beach' The 40 Palette

Hey y'all!

So this look was an everyday neutral my daughter has dubbed the beach because it looks like sand πŸ˜‚ 

  • #5 all over lid to brow
  • #3 from upper lash to crease
  • #13 on top of #3 and on lower lash line
  • #28 lightly at crease from inner corner
  • #30 outer corner of eye up to crease then lightly towards center of eye
  • #10 from crease to brow

**To finish this look I used Laura Mercier Caviar Volume Mascara in Glossy Black and on my lips I used Burts Bees lip shimmer in Merlot.

πŸ’­Opinion: the versatility of this palette by Wet N Wild is truly a thing of beauty. Straight neutral here to the bright bolds a few posts ago. It was so worth the money I paid ($14.99 on Amazon). Each color applied smoothly and blended out well to make the look. If you've been on the fence about snagging this product feel free to browse back through my looks and my in depth post about the palette. 

Let me know in the comments which of my looks you've liked the most! If you love this look or wanna try it be sure to πŸ’–πŸ˜ up top. Give me a follow if you would like to see more of the looks I create or my thoughts on other products.


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  • Naf

    That's flawless makeup right there.

  • Kate D.

    This page looks like it does a decent job, especially for magneto at that price point. Perhaps I should check it out! You are realllly good at doing makeup. You could certainly teach me a thing or two! :)

  • Mandie

    Only $14.99? Are you serious? Girl I love this look and I need this palette