Lipstick Favorite: Mented Cosmetics Nude LaLa Matte Lipstick

Hey PrismPop! Today I'm showing you one of my very favorite lipsticks: the Mented Cosmetics Nude LaLa Matte Lipstick.
Besides for loving this product, I also love supporting brands made for women of color, or brands made by women of color, and Mented is both!
💄The lipstick is so creamy and feels wonderful on 
👄 This nude enhances my natural lipcolor 
💋 I love to wear this shade with a more natural make-up look
🗓 I've been using this for about a year now.
🤔 VERDICT: I highty recommend the Mented lipsticks, expecially for women of color. Their nudes compliment darker skin beautifully.
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