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Lip Sleeping Mask

Honestly, I probably never would've gotten this product for myself because a lip sleeping mask sounds a little too extra even for me. But I am soooo glad I got one in a beauty box and I am in love with it! I layer it on before bed and wake up with the softest, most moisturized, pillowy lips possible. It's too good to only use at night tho, so I also use it any time I do a lip scrub or exfoliation I follow up with the Laneige lip mask. Also, I often dab it on during the day as a kind of cross between lip gloss and Chapstick because it feels like a balm and heals and softens like a balm and u even scoop it out of a jar/tin with one finger to rub all over your lips just like we did as little girls with flavored lip balms or Carmex in the jar, etc. But other than looking and seeming like any old balm in the package, the product blows you away with how great it is and how it is nothing like those old flavored lip balms. First of all, it contains antioxidants and vitamin C to nourish lips, as well as a berry complex and Laneige's proprietory "moisturewrap" technology to seal all the moisture and nutrients in. It smells fantastic, like berries, and comes in a super thick balm texture in the jar, but completely melts and dissolves into your lips leaving no stickiness or tackiness, just full, plump, shiny, healthy lips. I've also noticed over time it has begun to diminish the fine lines around my lips. It is not tinted, so technically goes on clear, but there must be something in it that causes it to change the appearance of your lips but not by tinting them or adding color. It's more like it makes your lips so super shiny there's almost like a frosted or holographic look just barely showing thru the lip mask. It's like it makes your lips just a little lighter and a little pinker, but a natural nudish-pink. It's natural-looking enough that you may not realize it's from the lip mask, but you notice your lips are all of a sudden much fuller and more 3 dimensional and pouty and somehow also the perfect color of just slightly more nude/light pink than normal but without any noticeable lipstick or gloss or color being worn. It's a perfect low-key finish to a Smokey-eye, or perfect for those stressful days when you just throw on some lip gloss and some mascara and go (those days where you want to look like you put in at least a little effort even tho you didn't.) And of course it's perfect to use every night to keep your lips soooo soft and moisturized. The $20 price tag is more than I would normally pay for what at first seems like a glorified lip balm or a marketing ploy creating products we don't need or even want (like a lip sleeping mask) but this is so much more than that! It's a lip balm and a lip mask yes, but also a lip treatment, a lip gloss, and all-Around multi-tasker. Although I do love this product, I try to wait for sales to repurchase because no matter how good a lip product is, to cost $20 it has to be at least 4x better than Burt's Bees which cost $5 or less and unfortunately, I do think it is better than Burt's Bees but not 4x better. So until I find a decent dupe, I alternate between Laneige and Burt's Bees.

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  • maria

    I never even thought about lip mask, always sounded like and overkill to me. You review actually makes me want to try it, maybe it will save me the lip "brushing" i have to do every morning to remove dead skin

  • Melissa Griffith

    I use this every night. It really does help prevent my lips from chapping. Especially during the winters here in Kentucky.