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Lime crime made a real work of art by introducing such palette design. The package itself is cardboard, and the exterior has got modern version of Botticelli’s classic painting along with the palette name. The palette opens and closes with a magnet. Inside there is a mirror and 8 full-size eye shadows. Each color features its name below, intruded with gold paint. The packaging seemed just awesome to us, and we can recommend it to add up the collection of a real makeup junkie!
⭐These eye shadows appear very pigmented, and feature mostly warm undertones.
🎨Finish - The finish is velvety-matte, some shadows feature gentle finely milled shimmer. The color payoff is rich both on bare skin and when used with the eyeshadow base.
⏰Longevity -  Though for longer wear we recommend still using these eye shadows over the base for more lasting and velvet effect. If you still haven’t chosen your perfect eye shadow primer, here are some tips we’ve got for you at this point.
🖌️Blend - The shadows blend well with each other and even the darker colors did not give that patchy coverage.

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