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Lightweight vs. Deep Moisturizing Hand Creams

With the extra handwashing we're doing as a health precaution during this pandemic, our hands are surely feeling drier as days go by. One product you're likely not thinking as much about is a good hand cream! If you're someone with sensitive skin, but still likes nice smells, you would most likely prefer the Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment, but if you have some serious dryness to take care of, use the Aveda Hand Relief. Here's a breakdown of which YOU should choose and why:
1. If you struggle with rough hands and excessive dryness, choose Aveda because it soothes and leaves skin extra nourished and soft. 95% of it is naturally derived, so it'll be like getting nourished with nature!
2. If you prefer to smell your hands throughout the day, choose Clarins because the Shea Butter inside of it smells just like heaven.
3. If you have skin that is more on the sensitive side, you might want to opt for a more lightweight option. Choose Clarins because it isn't as intense as Aveda, and absorbs pretty quickly.
Overall, between the two, I'd say the winner for effectiveness and ingredients is Aveda, but the one that would likely work for a range of skin types would be Clarins!


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  • Cait Burrie

    Great review! Your manicure is awesome btw! I love the negative space French tips , as well as the black for Halloween! Well done! As for the hand creams, I really like Aveda products so I would love to try the lotion. My go to body lotion right now is Victoria Secret Pink coco lotion and I agree with the comments on the Hemps and bum bum’s. Cake creams are also great and very thick!

  • Luvellie

    I would choose Aveda based on this review because my hands are super dry! I currently love using Sol de janeiro's bum bum cream for a treat on my skin.

  • Tia kitchens

    A Veda is definitely a brand I use and love. During this time of year I have to have a pretty thick cream. I love the Hempz lotions and the bum bum hand cream ♥️

  • Rita Whirls

    Great review. I would love to try both of these to see what's right for me.I need a good hand cream.

  • Jennifer Lobato

    would love to try

  • Nancy Shadowens

    Great review! I love a good hand cream that actually helps your hands.

  • Erin Taranto

    Great review! And those nails!🥰😍🥰 I currently use Aquaphor for my hands and elbows. It is amazing!!!! And my skin literally cracks and bleeds it gets so dry. As far as getting a lip mask, I've never tried one!

  • Adriana

    I prefer Clarins. I loved this brand and this product is Amazing & Excellent hand cream! It goes on like silk, is absorbed quickly, doesn't feel oily/greasy, and makes my hands oh so soft. Highly recommend this product to anyone who enjoys smooth and touchable hands.

  • Eileen Sostre

    It looks like you can't go wrong with either hand cream as both are great brands! :)

  • Serenity Espaillat

    Great review! I would choose clarinda personally because I don't have very dry hands and prefer one that is lightweight with a good scent!

  • Sayeri

    Great review !!! i have really dry skin and I need deep moisturising, I generally use BBW because of wide range of scents ...among these two I guess I have to go for Aveda !!

  • Samara blastow

    I’d choose Aveda my hands are already dry from washing so much and then this time of year they are worse and I believe Aveda works best for my issues with no problems since I’ have sensitive skin and I love there products

  • Naf

    I agree, I think that I'd choose Aveda too because I do have dry hands from time to time. I'd choose Aveda because I think it would work better for my hands. My favorite hand cream is by Rituals, it smells amazing.

  • Avery

    The Aveda would work perfect for my dry hands especially with the point being made about how we have to constantly wash our hands due with this pandemic going on. I am not complaining on the washing hands part because you are suppose to be doing that in general but I hate that having really dry hands come along with it on my part.

  • Betty Renee Beaman

    I have to go with Ave da. .I use them for Shampoo and conditioner as well and they aren't playing when it comes to living up to their name...I use Hempz Pure Herbal Extracts Triple moisture whipped body creme for my hands and arms..

  • Pauline

    Who can decide considering everything said I chose Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment although I do have very dry skin after washing off my hands daily. Just liked this product offered for now. Thanks for giving me a chance of comparison. Currently I use Jergens for extreme dryness.

  • maria

    I think that Clarins would work better for me, every time that tried Aveda products they felt "heavy" where is the Clarins look light and absorbent. My go-to is the Dove or EOS when it comes to dry hand relief.

  • Jennie Brouse

    I think the Aveda hand cream would be better for me because of how deeply it moisturizes. My favorite lip care is Vaseline and Aquaphor lip balms and a Skinfix hand cream for hand care.

  • Sindra ~

    I think the aveda hand relief would do my hands a world of good..since this virus started it seems like my hands and feet are dried out more then ever before the virus..I know it was pretty hot out side for awhile I always try to stay rehydrated not exactly a water drinking person but not pop soda adult beverages either but I don't think that plays a part any way..I'd use the avida definatley ....

  • Darlene Tibbetts

    I was an ocd hand washer before Covid with dry hands. This hand moisturizer sounds very interesting and promising.

  • Jacquelyn Betts

    My hands are seriously dry with using hand sanitizer throughout the pandemic and need some deep moisturizer like Aveda. I love this stuff!

  • amanda landess

    U are right. Ive always had drier skin but with the pandemic, its gotten worse. I would definitely use aveda

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Like the review and both of these products sound really good but I still use Avon's Moisture Therapy because it is closer to hospital hand cream and works really great and only costs $6 or $7 or even less on sale with a much bigger tube.

  • Stacey Inocencio

    I actually have had more drying on my hands lately like everyone else do to all the washing and hand sanitizers. I think I would choose the Claris simply because I think it would give me the smoothness I need without feeling heavy or greasy. I also like to be able to continue on with my day and not have to wait for the cream to absorb 😍

  • Ashley McNutt

    I LOVE anything Aveda!! The hand lotion is amazing! It keeps my hands so soft and it smells wonderful!! I have heard of the other kind, so I can't fairly comment on that product.