life changing mascara

packaging - cute pink frosted metal, length wise its a bit long, it does have a mini that is perfect traveling only comes in pink sturdy case - ive only  seen it in the color black 

scent - well it doesnt smell like roses but the smell is kinda chemically  but isnt very strong fades when it dries, artificial scent i imagine

use - goes on pretty smoothly, as a rule of thumb i always do 2 coats on my lashes, i warn you though if you try a 3rd time it starts to clump up ive ended up with it in my eyebrow area because my lashes are just that long. pretty easy to apply just do it as normal. lasts all day its never failed me before and ive used this for cosplaying when i dont need falsies. 

effectiveness -  instant results even just one coat i saw a difference but 2 layers and it looked like i have false eyelashes! my sisters were super super jealous. It lasts all day i never had to touch it up.honestly this opened up my eyes this is the best mascara ive ever seen it dries the fastest and its never disapointed me. i would definitely spend the money for this in a heart beat. it does exactly as it says it will and sooooo much more. works for any skin tone and type

cons - so far the only thing i really see as a con is that i tends to pull out excessive amounts of product and does dry pretty quickly in the tube

since i began using this in 2017 i havent ever really stopped using it

i get this at sephora and ulta and i will always buy this product even if i have to get a mini

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