Li Milee Olive Oil Glycerin

So I first bought this product with the intention of using it on my skin Because I heard that glycerin was a really good  ingredient for moisture and hydration. Unfortunately this product was a bit to heavy and thick on my skin and wasn’t really comfortable. So I decided to improvise and use this product differently and I’m so glad that I did instead of throwing it away because even though it doesn’t work well on my skin it does however work wonders for my hair 🙌🏻💯. I have been using this product for about a month now. I usually use a dime size amount and apply it all through my hair after washing it. Not only does it leave my hair feeling crazy soft and silky but my hair has increased in strength. I noticed less fall out with stands and my hair appears to look more full and healthy. The main quality I love about this product is that it applies in a thick consistency but within hours my hair has completely absorbed all the nutrients and hydration with my hair drying in a nice soft and lustrous manner. This product doesn’t weigh my hair down or leave my hair looking oily in anyway. The shine to my hair is outstanding, like seriously my hair has never looked more beautiful. Even though this product is intended for skin I would more so recommend it for hair it seems to provide better results at least from my personal experience. 

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