Laura Mercier Tinted Skin Perfector - my HG Tinted Moisturizer!

WOW! This is my holy grail of lightweight, medium coverage perfection. It's Laura Mercier and she's back again with a fantastic formulation for her tinted moisturizer!!
What's your go-to or Holy Grail product?? LMK in the comments 

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  • Misty

    Would love to try this product!

  • Treasure Encalade

    How can I get a prize what do I have to do

  • Treasure Encalade

    I reviewed this wrote already

  • Stephanie Grant

    Great review, my essentials are my lip gloss

  • Jessica Brown

    I’ve always wanted to try this

  • Treasure Encalade

    Luv to try tinted moisturizer I have freckles also looks good u Viv

  • Patricia

    Wow! That is some glowing skin, you look gorg! I have to check this out, I need a tinted moisturizer with some degree of coverage, and this one seems perfect! Thank you for this super cool review! My essencials are eyeliner, and lipstick, I can't leave the house without them!

  • Jamilahoque

    I loved it

  • Lisa Martin

    This moisturizer looks awesome and it looks like it Blended so well I so want to try it

  • Carrie Burrus

    Oh my goodness girl! That moisturizer looks amazing on you and yes it blended great! I would love to try this. I use Purlisse body butter. That is my new love. And P.S. your smile is so beautiful.

  • Chelli counts

    I definitely want to try it I have never used that brand before and I definitely want to

  • Valerie medina

    I love this stuff it so soft and gives a nice tint to your skin

  • aubreina

    Wow ! I might have to try this moisturizer

  • Crystal Jones

    I am obsessed with tinted moisturize!!My must have beauty product is also a nice lip gloss!I use gloss daily alone or over lip color.

  • Tiana

    I can’t go anywhere without my essentials, which is, wearing eyeliner, lipstick or lip stain.

  • Naf

    Your skin looks so glowy. That's a unique color for a moisturizer. My eyeliner is absolutely essential because without it, my face feel naked.

  • Kelly M.

    Love that lightweight coverage perfection that only came be achieved using Laura Mercier’s fantastic product. Thank you for creating this video and letting everyone know what an amazing product it is.

  • Avary

    You are so beautiful! I agree packaging is so pretty and this sounds like such a great product. I so want to try!

  • Shay Alyxander

    I absolutely have to use my Biore UV sunscreen and Colourpop brow gel.

  • Michelle

    Luara mercier*jeezz its change My message when i send sorry

  • Michelle

    I never try any prudoct from lahat karier i heard so much about it..hopefully i dan be amie to try it out on here..

  • Sarah

    Here we go!! This list is alot but all is must have for me. First I start with elf poreless primer putty than it cc cream than I put my eyeshadow primer on then contour my face, use browie wowie next eyeshadow mascara eyeliner then a little highlighter! I do it for me once I have my face on I feel great about me and that's why I do it not for anyone else! Its about my self esteem!

  • Hope Exum

    My must have daily products are mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. Also have to use my Bed Head Mini After Party to help tame this hair of mine. It completely helps frizz, shine, and a bonus smells awesome. Without these daily essentials I would be lost!!

  • Elizabeth ML

    My essentials are bb cream and mascara. I like dr. jart bb cream and lune and aster mascara. If I want to add a couple steps I'll put on blush and eyeliner too.

  • Ashley Hunt

    One product essential to my every day look is Mascara. Even on days I don't wear makeup I will throw on some mascara and lipstick! Lipstick being another! On days I wear a complete full face of makeup a very big essential for me is primer! In my opinion primer make my makeup look so much better, not to mention benefits like blurring and hydrating!

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