Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

Summer is here and you know what that means, the time for tinted moisturizers and products with SPF is here! Here in sunny LA, a good moisturizer, especially with SPF, is key. The hot summer sun and dry air can leave your skin feeling dull and dry, but Laura Mercier may have the solution… I decided to try out two of their tinted moisturizers and see how they compare, so let’s move onto the review.
First I tried the shade Bare Radiance (1N1). The packaging is nothing to write home about, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. It’s a squeeze bottle that dispenses the product just as you need it, and I quickly found that a little bit goes a long way. I like the shimmer in the product, you can tell it’s there but it’s in no way overbearing (no one wants to look like a disco ball in the sun). What surprised me about the product was the coverage, it’s so hard for me to find a tinted moisturizer that’s both lightweight and has solid coverage, but Laura Mercier found a way, huzzah for luminous skin!

As you can see, I have freckles and a small mole on my hand, and after applying the tinted moisturizer they totally vanished under one thin layer of the product. I didn’t notice moisture right away, but when I wiped the product off my hand later my hand felt a little softer than normal.

Next I used the shade Nude (2W2) but alas, it was not my shade. If you can get past the orange tinge, the product is actually pretty good. The coverage is great, and once again passes the freckle test while still letting my skin shine through. The moisturizer gave my hand a nice and dewy glow, which I love!

Side by side you can see the Bare Radiance shade is, as the name suggests a little more radiant; it’s almost iridescent in the sunlight and my skin is looking supple and blemish-free, woohoo! Nude also looks supple, probably due to the moisturizing effect of the product. I like Bare Radiance just a smidge more because of its shimmery glow, perfect for summer. Both products are SPF 20 and will protect you skin from the sun while moisturizing, a summertime must have!
👍Overall I think both of these products are pretty great (but make sure you buy the right shade), I like how lightweight they are and how it feels like I’m doing something good for my skin by applying them.
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  • theresa

    wow the illuminating tinted moisturizer its glowing on you. that's how i want my skin to cover some stuff up but not heavy and glowing at the same time with out the heavy foundation . foundation in the summer is so hard to wear with the heat and all . i just want something simple .

  • Anniikan

    Gonna keep an eye out for these, they're GORGEOUS! 😍💕🔥

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