Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil - Review

Laura Mercier Flawless Skin infusion de Rose Nourishing oil is the best facial oil ever! Why you ask? 
🌹Well for once, this oil is God send for those mornings when your skin lets you down or anytime you need to fake a glow, and fast!  It instantly brightens the skin, giving it instant hydration and a plump and radiant look and that wonderful post exercise sort of glow. 
🌹It has the most wonderful rose scent and a luxurious feel that is absorbed easily into the skin.

🌞🌙I also use it in the evening and when I wake in the morning, and my skin feels so soft, rejuvenated and deeply hydrated and my pores even appear smaller and it provides a wonderful even base for my makeup. And it’s so easy to use: Gently massage the oil onto damp skin in the morning and the evenings, it absorbs really quickly.

The oil feels light-weight and not at all greasy and I love that it has no chemicals, just natural, beautiful oils. It’s also a real skincare SOS – you can use on dry patches, flaky skin, chapped lips, hair ends... it’s got them all covered. You can also add a drop or two into your regular moisturiser or foundation for extra hydration. And it's suitable for all skin types.
📸I've also use the oil as a base on one of my recent photo shots to create a beautiful natural glow on models skin - the so called no make-up look.  And it turned out very well, as you can see in the photo.

💰 At 60.00 Euro ($65 USD) it is more on a pricier side but this is now new desert island product - worth every cent. I can't stop raving how great this products is!

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  • Jennifer Henning

    Very beautiful. Would love to use this. Looks like it would look so pretty on the girl in the picture. Very nice and love it a lot. It sounds like it helps a lot of your facial features and benefits with your pores and I really like the fact that it doesn't make your face oily is really great. I try to avoid products that make your face oily because mine tends to do that all on its own. So this sounds really great.

  • Melissa Griffith

    Is the smell of this product strong?

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