Laneige Lavender Sleeping Mask

I am a huge K-beauty fanatic, so I absolutely love to try anything that is korean beauty and skincare is definitely one of my favorite korean beauty discoveries! 

Have you tried sleeping masks before? If you haven't... you have no idea what your missing out on! Sleeping masks provide the skin with extra nutrients and extra moisture during the time your asleep, and your skin is essentially repairing itself with the use of sleeping masks, so that in the morning you can wake up with insane glowy skin! 

I love the Laneige Sleeping Mask Lavender edition because it smells so amazing and really calms my anxiety and stressed out skin during the night. I have super oily skin and this beauty does not break me out nor make my skin anymore oily than it already is. It hydrates my skin super well. I have had this bottle forever and there is still more than half of it left, because a little does truly go a long way! It spreads easily on my face and as expected, my face sucks it all up! I actually prefer to use this sleeping mask in place of a nightly moisturizer because I feel like I get better results. 

Have you tried any kind of sleeping masks before? 

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  • Marija

    I love your pictures. Very professional!

  • Kelly K

    Ooo this looks amazing plus I love lavender!!! I'm definitely going to have to check this out! Thank you so much for sharing.