Look lancome teint idole ultra 24h review
Look lancome teint idole ultra 24h review and swatches
Look lancome teint idole ultra 24h review and swatches 023 and 03
Look lancome teint idole ultra 24h review and color swatches
Look lancome teint idole ultra 24h 023 and 03 swatches
Look lancome teint idole 24h wear foundation before and after



I have always been a fan of full coverage, semi matte foundations as this is what suits my skin best – oily combination with a high tendency to shine and break down makeup. Which makes the Teint Idole Ultra Wear an excellent base choice.
🎨023 Beige Aurore – a cool toned, pink beige that is my perfect shade during winter
🎨03 Beige Diaphane – a warm toned beige (probably Lancome’s bestselling shade for Irish skin).

⭐The colors oxidize a fair bit so its best to get a sample to try out first or leave the foundation on the skin for a while to see what tone will develop.
My favorite application is when i am using a damp Beauty Blender. It allows the skin to get perfected without heaviness and you can layer product where you need that little bit of more coverage.  
⭐I would personally avoid the traditional flat foundation brushes with this foundation as it just creates a heavier unnatural coverage.

βŒ› Lancome has a very bold claim of 24 hours wear retouch free.  I've only worn it for about 8 hours. I found that the foundation lasts well on a normal working day – primed and powdered of course.
At the end of the day there was wear around my nose (Itouch that area a lot and blow my nose quite often and a touch of shine on my T zone. I’m particularly oily and have yet to find a foundation for my skin that doesn’t need blotting or powder.
Coverage is Medium to full, buildable and natural. Matte radiant finish that sets on the skin quite fast. The formula is creamy, with an added SPF 15 for daily protection. A little goes a very long way, I tend to need just 2-3 pumps for my whole face. I find that my skin still shines trough in a natural way and just looks perfected.

πŸ‘I  would wholeheartedly recommend the Teint Idole Ultra Wear if you are looking for a good coverage foundation for day time and of course, your skin is oily combination.
⭐If you are dry sensitive, prone to dry patches i would advise to stay away and just try the more hydrating Teint Miracle if you are a Lancome fan.



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  • Cinny~

    I'm love your video.i can't wear foundations.iv found due to the.meds I'm on I sweat profusley some thing I'm not proud of and not to happy about.the foundations run or cake etc.but actually I've never liked the way I look in foundation..I'm not saying any thing bad about others but foundations of any kind just don't work for me.iv tried the most expensive and cheaper but both my really very little guy complected being Cherokee and gypsey which is odd. there are so many great foundation products in n the market if I could I'd use them but I just don't see it..I have many lady friends and the way they wear foundations and stuff amaze brings out there features very nice but then again I'm not a spring chicken..have a good one..

  • Brittany Hayes

    I would love to try this

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