Lancome Juicy Tubes Review      Hello there , I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion and I've got to say I was thrilled at the opportunity , I buy alot of lancome makeup products and am rarley dissatisfied and I've got to say this lip gloss was no different , This high shine gloss was probably the shinest I've ever seen is absolutely radiant , I also noticed that it kept my lips really moisturized for a very long time . If your in the market to buy some new lip gloss , don't let this one pass you by !! This gloss is a cult favorite among it's followers , If you would like to try this gloss to then give this post a like and don't forget to follow me . Thanks

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  • Melissa

    Cool post

  • TripleB

    I got mine too

  • Shanna Rios

    I got mine free as well and I love them

  • TinkaMamaSmalls

    Hi, Michele It's not sticky is it? I really like the color and shine, but hate a sticky product, take care & stay safe!