Easy Summery Shimmery Skin by LA Girl

Hi everyone CJ here with another video to my PrismPop account where I try the Shimmer Spray by LA Girl or the first time so get ready for this adventure! 
You are supposed to use this spray as a finish for your face and body. 
I love shimmery things so just for the fact that this spray exists as a setting spray 
👊Shake well before use
⬇️I sprayed it down
➡️I then spray across
↘️↙️I then sprayed diagonally on my face to make sure that I got the spray everywhere
💦It comes in a nice fine mist
🍨Smells like a vanilla candle
✨Left my skin with gold specks which I love! I can see some shimmer on my face
💪When I spray it on my arm it gave me gold specks and its so beautiful so give you a nice little shine to your final look. 
💭Overall: This spray is beautiful and makes a great finishing spray if you want dewy and shimmery skin. I think this would make a great finishing spray for when summer comes around and you want an extra shimmery look to compliment your tan!
If you want to try this make sure you click the “I wanna try” button 😍 if you like this video make sure to click like, comment anything that you may want me to try.  
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