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I have been a big fan and avid follower of Kosås for some time and I’ve reviewed them on Fluke on two occasions now. You could say I’m a little bit obsessed, but I promise you it’s totally justified. Their lipstick formula and colours are my all time favourites and their cheek duos are regulars in my makeup routine as well. There is something really cool about this brand and how well thought out the shades are. I haven’t bought anything from Kosås that hasn’t complemented me, or a formula that I haven’t enjoyed using.

Today we’re zooming in on their Tinted Face Oil which was a much-anticipated launch, not just for me.

🎨The Tinted Face Oil comes in 10 shades, ranging from pale porcelain to very deep shades which might not sound like a lot but the formula has been designed to suit a number of skin tones. Kosås claim that their 10 shade range can actually cover up to 30 different skin tones. Despite all of this, I had no idea which shade to get so I opted for 03 and 04 (they both work for me). I found the photos of the models really helpful when choosing my shade but if you are in the USA you can also order a shade card which can help you choose yours.

What really attracted me to this product is that it has skincare benefits as well and the ingredient list is really nice and simple. By simple I don’t mean basic, but I like that it is concise. It’s amazing what can be done with natural oils and pigment!

It has Jojoba oil which is fantastic for balancing sebum on the skin. There is also Avocado Oil, which offers hydrating and nourishing benefits. There are more ingredients including Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Green Tea Seed Oil and Raspberry Seed Oil and these are great for locking in moisture, delivering antioxidants and toning the skin. Despite having a concentrated amount of oils in the formula, the texture of the foundation is feather-light and not greasy whatsoever.

Onto the application. I like that the foundation comes in a travel friendly bottle and that it’s not in a dropper, however it is easy to squeeze out too much so I suggest that you just tilt the bottle and don’t squeeze at all. The product is runny so let gravity do its thing and you’ll be set.

You can control the amount of coverage by using 1 drop for light, 2 -3 for medium and 4-6 for full coverage. I prefer to start off light and then build as I need to rather than squeezing out a whole heap of product that I might not need. Because it’s so light and has the oil base, it is quick and easy to blend.


⚠️When I first used this product, I was a little bit disappointed. I put it on my skin, started rubbing it in and it was balling up like crazy. I later figured out that this was due to the skincare I applied underneath. I had used an aloe based Hyaluronic acid serum and this gel like consistency didn’t work well with the foundation so now I don’t use any gel based skincare products underneath and it works fine. It’s not ideal because you shouldn’t have to change your skincare just to get a foundation to work. I’m lucky to have plenty of skincare to choose from but what if someone has oily skin and just uses gel or oil-free products? I’ll leave you to ponder that.

I find that the Tinted Face Oil applies best onto a primed face and I like to prep my skin with a facial oil, a moisturiser or a primer (I’m loving the Flores Boticario No. 6 Primer).

I use my fingers to dot the foundation around my face and then using a very light touch I spread and blend. The lighter touch of the fingers avoids moving the foundation too much, and anything that is sitting underneath. 


👍Once I overcame the initial teething issues I was able to really enjoy this foundation. I love, love, LOVE the finish. It’s luminous, skin-like and hydrating whilst providing awesome coverage and really good longevity too. This foundation looks stunning teamed up with the Kosås cheek products, which seem to enhance its luminosity even more.

Kosås Tinted Face Oil in 03 (top) and 04 (bottom)


I hope you enjoyed my review of the Kosås Tinted Face Oil. Let me know if you’re thinking about trying it

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  • Mary Charles

    I have heard a lot about this brand, I so want to try this, I've been looking for a tinted oil and I feel like I've found it , thanks to your review. I am going to go on their site and look around, I gotta get this. Thanks for your review Happy Holidays


    This product does concern me when it comes to a oily complexion too. Actually that was my first thought as I read the description.. Though the benefits described from each individual ingredient seems to have alot of benefits as well... I would like to try this tinted oil.. I will continue to follow this post to see others experiences and opinions.

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