Knours Starter Kit - Gel Meditation Cream 🧘‍♂️


This gel is another product that's new to me so I'm super ecstatic because let's be real who does not love new things? 💕

It has peppermint in it which I love because that cooling effect is always refreshing on the skin ❄

The absorption is great it's super quick so definitely the perfect item to keep in your travel bag if you're in a pinch 🚄

And it even gives a nice little glow upon application which is always a nice feel because we love a little glow to brighten the day 💫

Alright guys that's my review and if you'd like to review this product yourself be sure to click that "I wanna try" button until next time guys take care of your skin 😘

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  • sally peabody

    I always need a glow ! The peppermint must relate to the meditation effect....essential oils...peppermint is said to bring wealth and mote Be !

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