Knours Starter Kit 4: Skin Meditation Gel Cream

Ok, guys so we are doing the next step in the Knours Starter Kit. This is the Skin Meditation Gel Cream! 
💦So this product definitely moisturized my skin.
🍃And the minty feeling I felt, I believe will be part of the cause of blemish reduction!
🎄It smells like candy canes, and I think the mint ingredient makes these products amazing!
💖So far, I'm loving all of the Knours Starter Kit skincare products.
👶They all leave my face feeling a lot softer
😄I don't believe, that they are just the same product in a different container; as each cream/gel feels different in consistency and texture.
👝This is why I love that this kit has all you need for great skin in one little, cute bag! 
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  • sally peabody

    Excellent ! Love minty. This gel may just help tighten my pores and that is reason enough to give it a try. Great kit so far it is meeting a variety of skin concerns.

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