Knours 3: One Perfect Cream

Hey guys! So the third product from the Knours: Know Your Skin. Period. Starter Kit is the One Perfect Cream.
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🌞It says that it is supposed to help to brighten nourish and age define
💖I love the packaging matte black
🍑It feels thicker than a regular moisturizer 
🌵It's for people with more dry skin than usual is meant to moisturize the dryest of skins. 
I think it's great for people with constant dryness, and will definitely give a more flawless appearance when the foundation is applied. 
Don't forget to click the 'I Wanna Try' if you're interested in this product, and I hope you guys liked this review!
For the next step click here for the Skin Meditation Gel

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  • sally peabody

    This one is definitely calling my name ! The richer, thicker the better for my aging skin." Brighten nourish and age define " That is exactly what I am asking for. Perfect match very good demo !!

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