Knours In Bed Wipe Comes In Clutch 🤟🏾

Okay let's be real we all rush out the door some days and you definitely forgot something 🏃‍♂️
Well never again will you forget to wash your face because this Knours in bed cleansing wipe is the one ☝️
Okay I intentionally only rinsed my face this morning because I wanted to test out this wipe so let me hit you with the review you ready? 📝
Loving the size it's not too tiny but not ridiculously huge ✔
Mostly important it has just the right amount of product I hate when a wipe has too much liquid and it drips everywhere *cue cringe* or there isn't enough of a cleansing agent and its dry *cue sigh* ✔
And the texture is just right not to soft that it doesn't accomplish much but also not to rough that I couldn't do it daily if I wanted too ✔
And it doesn't have much of a smell its soft not floral but also not chemically pungent ✔
I'm into it I think this is great to keep in your fanny pack if your a mover like me or your makeup bag if you need to wipe of a work of art before bed so I'd totally say tap "I wanna try" and put these wipes to the test I'm sure they'll pass your inspections as well 💯

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  • Lindsay Piggott

    looks lovely i wanna try

  • Shelly

    looks like it works well, moisturizes and everything want to try this as well

  • Lauryn

    I wanna try and review products pretty please

  • Mae keys

    Thank You



  • Ashley Hunt

    I'm not sure if it would work for my skin. I am very oily, so I'm not sure just a wipe would be Enoch in the morning to cleanse my face nor in the evening to take off the days worth is makeup and oil! But I would try this out and see, it would def come in handy!

  • Tia kitchens

    These look so fantastic! I keep makeup wipes in my bag, bathroom, etc. I think this would be great especially just to freshen up after a workout, working in the yard and anytime really.

  • Chrystal Blaylock

    I think these would be awesome

  • Dana Owens

    I can't wait to try these

  • Yenifer Schalk

    I think htese would work perfect for me because I always too busy to take off my makeup or to wash my face at night.

  • Rosa Padilla

    I would love to try these wipes because they are so convenient. They're the perfect size to keep in different places in my home, in drawers in the bathroom, bedroom even in the kitchen. I can carry in my purse and I like how he said they aren't very wet.

  • Kim

    Knours in bed would work for me Not Just in the what A Great product.I Rate it a 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ star. I would recommend This product. my self I would use them anytime of the Day. This Would be wonderful for The kidos,messy hands,feet,an face,also when your out and about, On The town. I would put a pack or two in my pocket. Myself I would Use to wipe Down my shopping carts, while shopping , Why not use at The When your sitting There Eating popcorn. Man How handy! This whip would also work .when your eating fast food.In or out of the car....For Get!... Useing That old Paper Towel on chicken wing night....USE knouurs whips.!!.A handy wet wipe soft.also the right size.with a soft sent. Count Me In....To test ..Yippee! !!1000 Different ways to use.👍 Wow !Now Thats A cleansing wipe.I love 💗💗💜💖💖 It......will Share knours in Bed,with all my friends,family,coworkers, An All social media. I can Run out The Door with This cool Knours Cleansing wipe while washing my Face.....knours will keep you clean and fresh ,Head to toe, when on The run no matter where' you go.💯💯 😀😁😀😁

  • Erika Sirgenson

    I love cleansing wipes and these sound like they would work great for my skin.

  • Tiki poist

    Any wipe is just moving all the funk of your day around and the more you rub and scrub the more your pushing it into your pores so def a no no for me

  • Amy Galvez

    I love simplicity that gets the job done. I work 3rd shift so when I get home of I can lay in bed and wash my face im down for it.

  • Mandy Hart

    I think these would be great for me because I work with plants and flowers and all day I'm having dirt fall onto my face or get blown all over my neck especially if it's a warmer day and I'm sweaty it's just normal fun feeling so I'm constantly running to the bathroom to get paper towels and wet them to wash my face and neck. I could literally throw this in my pocket or purse and not have to spend all that time running to clean up.

  • Amanda slawikowski

    OK so I've been in bed before after a super long day and had forgot to wash my face and these would be so perfect in the nightstand for those times and on the go in your purse. I have to admit I've used a baby wipe here and there and it just doesn't work well on my face. Would love to get my hands on these!

  • Marilyn Wagner

    I definitely think this is an excellent on the go wipe! I love the good quality that it appears to have and absolutely love that they are not overwhelmed with product to pass dry time or having to rub in really quick. It looks awesome!

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