Knours In Bed Wipe Comes In Clutch 🤟🏾

Okay let's be real we all rush out the door some days and you definitely forgot something 🏃‍♂️
Well never again will you forget to wash your face because this Knours in bed cleansing wipe is the one ☝️
Okay I intentionally only rinsed my face this morning because I wanted to test out this wipe so let me hit you with the review you ready? 📝
Loving the size it's not too tiny but not ridiculously huge ✔
Mostly important it has just the right amount of product I hate when a wipe has too much liquid and it drips everywhere *cue cringe* or there isn't enough of a cleansing agent and its dry *cue sigh* ✔
And the texture is just right not to soft that it doesn't accomplish much but also not to rough that I couldn't do it daily if I wanted too ✔
And it doesn't have much of a smell its soft not floral but also not chemically pungent ✔
I'm into it I think this is great to keep in your fanny pack if your a mover like me or your makeup bag if you need to wipe of a work of art before bed so I'd totally say tap "I wanna try" and put these wipes to the test I'm sure they'll pass your inspections as well 💯

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