Knours Double Duty Mist

We all know that hydration is a MAJOR KEY in excellent skin! 🔑
Upon initial testing I noticed there is some separation so you do have to shake it before applying to the skin 🤝
The smell is really nice there is camelia blended in with the oils so that definitely explains it 🌸
I like the shine that it gives my skin you can apply before or after your full skincare routine or even mid day if you get pretty dry 💫
I'm super excited to see what results adding this mist to my daily routine will bring 🙏
If you would like to try out this awesome product click "i wanna try" 🖱

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  • sally peabody

    This is great ! I love facial mists too so I like this very much. Thank you !

  • Amanda Lingle

    This is something I am thinking about purchasing for my daughter for her show choir. She has to have her makeup on thick throughout the whole day So im thinking of getting this to get her so she can spritz her face to keep a nice glow. Especially being under bright lights for her dancing. Does anyone think this would work good?

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