JUNE ALLURE BEAUTY BOX! With a crazy surprise!

So I decided not to get the MAY ALLURE BOX, because it just didn't look that great. No makeup... So I checked out JUNE box and decided that I wanted it. To my surprise, I opened it up to see the Gifted mascara by Tarte! I emailed Allure, right away and told them hey, y'all sent me the gifted mascara by accident, because this is only for NEW members and I told them that I would send it back. They emailed me back, 3 hours later and told me to keep it! There screw up, my reward lol. So that was a really nice $23 treat.

All together, June box was worth around $122! Not bad for only $15 I am doing individual videos on all of these products, so keep checking back! What do you wanna try? Drop the 😍❤ and comment below! I'll see you soon! ✌

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  • Chastity Westover

    Hey girl! Just wanted your opinion, I have gotten ipsy and birchbox for years and I'm over them and looking for something new. Would u recommend this Allure box? I know I saw another beauty box with full size products do you happen to know the name? I can't seem to remember? Also, I can preview this box and choose the months I recieve it?

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