July 2020 Boxycharm Base Box

Hello Awesome People this is my July 2020 Boxycharm Base Box that cost me $25 a month that includes 5 full sized items valuing $125 or more. They also offer a $35 Premium Box including 6-7 full sized items valuing $175 or more. And every 3 months (March, June, September,December) You can upgrade your Base Box to the Luxe box for $24.95 more totaling $49.95 including 8-9 full sized items valuing $250 or more. If your interested in getting boxy you can go strait to the boxycharm website or you my links

 I have a referral link. I don't get money for this I do get charm points to use in the boxycharm store. 
the link is   https://www.boxycharm.com/refer/Joyly...
The referral code is   Joylynn-RDYFXANY my understanding is you will get 10% off your first purchase 

The first item I got was the Lavis - Quick Color Switch Dry Brush Cleaner that cost $20. 

My opinion = the packaging is ok not cute and not ugly. It comes in a circular tin container. This item cleans your brushs very easy and effortlessly makes it very easy to clean the same brush to appy all your eye makeup with your favorite brush with out mixing colors. I think its worth the money. I will buy a new one when this one's no good.

The second item I got was the Hourglass - Arch Brow Micro Sculpting Pensil that cost $28 

My opinion= the packaging is a basic box to big for the product in size it. The pensil does work great and makes doing your brows easier but the product is very week and breaks very easy also. I think it's not work the money and will not be purchising after I finish this product.

The third item I got was the Clean Skin Club - Vitiamin C Brightening Booster that cost $49.95

My opinion= the packaging was very cute and eye catching. I loved the blue ice looking bottle. You get 30ML of product. I can't give a 100% review at the moment since it takes 21 days to properly test skin care, So all I can honestly say right now is I have been using this product everynight for 4nights. I like the way it feels on my face during and after its applied. I think my face feels smoother in the morning since day one. I'm not sure about the brightening because I am super oily so I am always shinny and bright. I will leave a comment after the 21 day more telling you if its worth the money or not and if I would buy this once it's gone.

My fourth item was the Hank&Henry - Luxe Lust Lipstick-Sext that cost $19

My opinion= the packaging was awesome I thought. Very beautiful bright Ruby Red container. This lipstick does look like a matte after you apply it but it feels smooth like some lipglosses out there. It is a very beautiful brownish color. The glitter doesn't over power the lipstick and I like that a lot the only problem I have is this product does not last long and starts to wear off from the back of the lip to the front. So you would have to carry this lipstick with you and apply hourly. With that being said I don't think its worth the money nor will I purchis this in the future. 

My fifth and final item is the PUR Cosmetics - Festival 2.0 Eyeshadow Palette that cost $36

My opinion= So far I love this palette. I like all the colors and how they split up the matte and shimmer shades. I have used this palette for 4 days now and found out you have to use a concealer on your eyes because it does leave a slight stain. I think thats becasue it's cruelty free but don't quote me on that. As of right now yes I think this palette is worth the money. I don't think I will have to but yes I would purchas this palette 

Even though there are a couple things I will not purchis again doesn't mean I don't love this box. I get makeup subscription boxes so I can try makeup and skincare products I wouldn't look twice at in the store. I love Boxycharm so far and do recommend giving it a try I can't guarantee that you will love it like I do but I know you won't know unless you try it out for yourself.

 remain Awesome 

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