Look congrats


😎We have contacted the selected PrismPop Testers for this week via email!

💖Missed out on this round of tester bags? Follow us for more updates and upcoming tester bags! Follow us on Instagram for updates and sneak peaks @prismpop_official 😘
If you were not selected this week, don't worry! Here are a few things you can do increase your chances of being selected:
📝WRITE PRODUCT REVIEWS: Check out the products in our Products  page and review something you have used! If the product is not listed, go ahead and comment your review on each week’s announcement post! 
👯‍♀️INVITE (and make sure they sign up): Invite your friends to PrismPop. The more friends that sign up, the more likely you will be chosen to be on the Review Squad! Go invite now!

See you next week!

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  • tiffany

    Congrats on those winners!

  • Kimberly Jones

    Ready to get paid so I can try this😁

  • Cindy Harriman

    Congrats to the winners!!





  • Melissa Griffith

    love that you guys do this every week.

  • Angela Janisse

    I'm hoping I'm picked to be one of your testers. Oct. 25th is my birthday

  • Crystal Morgan

    Yay!!! So excited. Can't wait to try these out!!!

  • Angela Janisse

    I've posted a couple reviews I would absolutely love to do more and be a tester. I'm hoping to test fingers crossed

  • Ashley Hunt

    I haven't posted any reviews because I haven't recieved any products to review yet. I would love to recieve some of these products and be able to post my first video review though! Most of these products available look amazing and I would love to try them out and start reccomending products to everyone! I would love to be able to give my own opinion on a lot of these products, so thank you PrismPop for the chance to be chosen, and good luck everyone! I can't wait to see everyone's opinions!

  • Marilyn Wagner

    The makeup revolution conceal and hydrate foundation is an excellent foundation especially great because it's not too costly. It works better than most foundations I have tried in the past. I love how you can't tell you're wearing it.

  • Amanda Hoover

    I am very interested in becoming a tester!

  • Deandra Wilson

    Sounds awesome!!!

  • Deandra Wilson

    Would love to become a tester! But the application won't load.

  • Lana Stanberry

    Tried to upload application with no luck

  • Lana Stanberry

    I am very interested on becoming a tester

  • Angela Janisse

    Omg I would absolutely love to write reviews and be a tester

  • EJ

    Eeek I would love to become a prismpop tester!!! I love trying new products to see what works and what's good!

  • Yenifer Schalk

    I would be honored to be a prismpop tester! I would love becoming an ambassador for prismpop because it would be fun and I enjoy testing out products and writing reviews. It’s a great hobby of mine to test items and give my honest, unbiased reviews.

  • Madhu Boyina

    I would love to be a product PrismPop product tester and provide my honest review.

  • Anna

    I would love to a product reviewer, because I love trying new things, and I would love to help any business gain more customers.

  • Jennifer Rauch

    I don't hold back,if I don't like SOMETHING I say so I'm honest when it comes to these things.

  • Dorothy schmidt

    I would love to be a product tester

  • Dorothy schmidt

    I would love to become a product tester I'm always looking for new products and I love reviewing products as best as I can

  • Marilyn Wagner

    I would love to become a tester for these products! I love the idea of each product and are items I love and enjoy using!!! This would be a perfect opportunity for me to try something new to add to my daily beauty routine!