Jade Bloom Clay Detox Mask & Camellia Oil

I never really had bad acne as a teenager, just a few breakouts occasionally that were very minimal so when I started getting severe adult acne I didn't know what was going on with my skin. I tried so many different products over a 9 month time period trying to clear my skin up and nothing was helping not even a little bit. I went to a dermatologist and got prescription strength acne creams, I stopped wearing makeup, I changed my diet, I was trying any over the counter products that were recommended or suggested to me by my friends, I even took a break from everything and there was a 2-3 week period where I didn't put anything on my face besides when I washed it with soap and water but nothing seemed to help. On my birthday one of my girlfriends ordered me a skin Detox kit. It was a French Green Clay & Bentonite Clay mask and Camellia Refined 100% pure carrier oil from Jade Bloom which specializes in essential oils. Those two products are what saved my skin after a solid year of severe acne it was finally beginning to clear up after using them just one time! The clay mask is very simple, mix 1 tsp of clay with 1 tsp of water & rub out clumps for an even texture. Once you mix your clay mask you apply evenly all over your clean, dry face then leave on for 10 minutes to dry. If you have never used a clay mask before your first time may feel a little weird when its drying, it isnt painful or uncomfortable, but you feel your skin getting tighter as it dries. After 10 minutes you'll need to rinse the mask off with water & then pat dry with a clean towel. I noticed immediately after rinsing off the mask for the first time that my pores were smaller & my skintone was more even than it had been in a year. The last step will be once your face is completely dry moisturize with the Camellia Oil using upward circular motions, do not rinse the Camellia Oil. I recommend everyone try these products out even if you dont have acne it still wouldnt be a bad idea to get rid of all the dirt & unwanted toxins from your face by using these skincare detox products. It isnt suggested that you use them everyday, I use them 3 times a week and it keeps my acne under control and my skin looks and feels amazing. I have been told these same products work wonders on sunburns and eczema too. I'm so thankful my friend knew about Jade Bloom and ordered these for me! 

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  • Dana Brandenburg

    Hi Sarah! I am so sorry I havent replied to your comment way sooner but somehow I am just now seeing it. I bought both of these from an online company named Jade Bloom. I'll attach a link to their website below so you to check them out! They're amazing and very affordable too. When I purchased these two products I paid $9.95 for the Clay Detox Mask and $13.95 for the Camellia Oil and they have free shipping if you live in the US! Link to Jade Bloom website: https://jadebloom.com/

  • Sarah

    These products seem great! I have a teenager who is struggling with acne! We have tried everything! I know ho horrible having acne can be, I will be getting this soon for them! Thanks where do you find this product?