Can J. Cat Lipfinity Matte Lip pass the kiss test?

Hey, everyone, it’s Hieu! Here with my first ever video on PrismPop!!🥰
Today I am going to be trying for the first time the Lipfinity Matte Lip by J. Cat Beauty!
📦Packaging: Lip Applicator tip is soft
💥The color is bold and feels buttery
🏜It is a little dry but that like with every matte lip
👄Does it PASS the KISS test?
🥳It sure does 
💭Final Thought: I like the color nice when you want to make sure your lip color bold and beautiful for a nice warm sunny day!☀️
🤔Have you tried this?
Don't forget to hit "I wanna try" 😍 if you want to try this lip color and follow me here on PrismPop for more reviews and try-on!
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