Is this Bitter Green Essence Worth the $90?

🤑$95 for 5.07 oz.
⭐The Byroe Bitter Green Essence Toner has a multitude of green plant extracts that are supposed to moisturize your skin and keep your skin smooth. It has a huge list of ingredients including, algae extract, gingko biloba leaf extract, and a lot of different flower extracts.
🎁The packaging is a simple clear plastic container with a spout.
✅ I use this either in the morning or night, after applying all my serums. I shake a quarter sized amount out and apply it allover my face and my neck.
👍👎It has an interesting texture but feels nice on the skin. It also has a nice scent to it that’s herbal but subtle. I think it adds an additional level of moisture before my moisturizer, which is quite nice. It doesn’t feel heavy or anything, so I feel comfortable wearing it in the day. If you’re feeling fancy and want extra moisture, go for it.
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  • Hibah

    Nice! It looks really pretty. Your bangs are really nice! I would want to try it if there was a sale or a discount. I don’t want to pay 90 dollars for it. The toner looks promising, though.

  • Nicole Robinson

    Holy crap! $90 yikes I don’t think any beauty product is worth that ayeee!

  • Nicole Robinson

    I really love all of your posts you are so adorable 💜

  • Christian Brown

    It sounds expensive but I would love to try it and it sounds like it would last awhile since you only need a quarter size amount each time.


    Def would love to try for sure! Awesome review girlie! ❤️✨ loving your page.

  • Amanda Lingle

    Love that you dont have to use to much of this to work. Many toners I have used you have to use a bit. Alot of them have made my face dry out. So hoping to try this ones since you said it leaves a moisturizing feel to your face. Thanks for the review. On my need to try list.

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