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Is that a spear in my pocket?? I am Tantalized with OPI

Hey everyone! It's your girl Nicole! I wanted to do a quick post on one of my favorite brands of nail polish. 


🌎ABOUT THE COMPANY: OPI stands for Odontorium Products Inc, originally it was a dental supplier based in LA .The company was purchased in 1981 by George Shaeffer,who refocused the direction to nail polish industry and therefore abbreviated the name to OPI

🌈WHAT IT IS: OPI offers over 240 beautiful shades of nail polish, OPI is everywhere, even in your nail salon. The shade that I have featured is the #F85 Is that a spear in your pocket, This is a very unique teal blue that I have never seen before.

📦 THE PACKAGE: OPI comes in a 15ml 0.5 fl oz glass container with plenty of product to get those nails looking fly

📝APPLICATION: Apply just like you would any nail polish. OPI is amazing and I usually only use two coats and it lasts me a while, especially if I use a top coat/sealer with it.

💵TALKING CASH:  I got mine at Wal-Mart for around $6 and some change. Worth every penny. These last a long long time without drying out and turning nasty.

🤓🗯MY FINAL THOUGHT:  I have always loved OPI since I was a little kid, getting my nails done. The colors are always on point and the paint really does last better than the cheap cheap brands. Deffinatly worth the extra few dollars in my opinion.

Thank you for viewing! What is your favorite kind of nail polish? Do you have a favorite OPI shade? I wanna know, so leave a comment below and drop the ♥😍 to earn 156 coins! Don't forget to follow your girl if you havnt already and ill be sure to follow you back and show the love! See ya next time!

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