Insta Natural Vitamin C face wash~ the best face wash

Have you guys tried this face wash? I can't remember which sample club I got it from. Either PINCHME or SAMPLER but either way I am blessed to have received this for completly FREE. This is the only face wash Ive been using since I got it in the mail 3 months ago. This has 5 simple ingredients and nothing else

1. Vitamin C

2. Aloe vera

3. Sugar cane

4.Coconut water

5. Green tea

This is good to use daily as long as you apply a serum or moisturizer.

I also looked into where to buy it so I can get more when I run out of and it looks like is the only way to go. But I think everyone should give this a hollar.

Thank you for viewing! Wanna try? Hit the 😍♥and don't forget to follow me for more videos if you are not already. I'll ALWAYS follow back. See ya next time

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  • Misty Crouse

    I got a couple of this brands products for review from the actual company. They have really good products! Love everything I've received! Ty for your video! I need to try this one as well!!

  • Olivia

    I wanna try it so bad

  • Melissa Cartwright

    You make it sound yummy. I would love to try it

  • Samantha

    Looks good

  • sally peabody

    I got this too !!! I have talked about it and need to review it here also. It is so very good !! I love the pump , ingredients and how little you need to use. It has lasted me quite awhile. It was not from PinchMe I can not remember either but obviously we are members of the same sample blogs. This is a high quality product and I highly recommend also.