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Inspired by the sophisticated Manhattan life: Park Ave Contour Palette

✨ Tarte | Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette:
👉 Housed in an exquisite rose gold palette embossed with a glam crocodile print, the Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette offers six shades of highlight and contour. Each pan holds 4.5g of product and they are all magnetically attached to the palette. Tarte doesn't offer individual refill pans so I'm not sure why the shades are removable. However, I guess the design is convenient for makeup artists that customize their own palettes.
👉 Out of the six shades, two are highlighters and four are contour/bronzers. Formulation-wise, every single color is excellent. Lightly-scented with a sweet vanilla and finely-milled with Amazonian clay, mineral pigments, and vitamin E, the powders are silky, smooth, and nicely pigmented. See below for a breakdown of all six shades. Overall, this is an excellent everyday contour palette and because the shades are so beautifully pigmented, they also work perfectly as neutral eyeshadows.
📐 Angle: A matte neutral tan, Angle works well as a natural bronzer or contour shade for warmer skin tones.
👸 Princess Cut: This is a cool-tone light taupe that's perfect for sculpting lighter skin tones.
💍 Carat: This is a warm golden brown with a subtle hint of sheen. The formulation is extra buttery and smooth.
☀️ Enhance: A matte ivory with just a hint of banana yellow, this is a great highlighter for the undereye area.
😇 Halo: This is a light neutral ivory matte, perfect for brow bone or cheek highlight.
👑 Crown: A deeper bronze with a subtle hint of golden sparkles, Crown is super rich and pigmented.
Original content: http://www.thehappysloths.com/2018/02/tarte-park-ave-princess-chisel-palette-bronzer-chrome-paint-review-swatches.html

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