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INNISFREE BEST SELLERS - what’s worth it, what’s not?

testing out innisfree’s green tea serum, orchid cream, & volcanic mask!
༶ i thought it’d be fun to try out innisfree’s three best sellers - the green tea seed serum, orchid enriched cream, and super volcanic pore clay mask.
༶༶ the serum has a nice and refreshing fragrance. the orchid extract is said to deliver antioxidants and anti-aging properties and the whole line goes deep deeeeep into pores for a really thorough cleanse.
༶༶ i was overall really impressed with the quality and ingredients for the low price point - these products range from $15 - $30, which i think isn't too bad.
༶༶༶ are they worth it? watch the video to hear my thoughts.

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