👀INGREDIENT BREAKDOWN: Touch In Sol Mission Complete Mild Scrub🌟

Do you ever wonder if the ingredients in those skincare products that you've been seeing everywhere are actually good for your skin?🤔 When looking at a product's ingredient list, it can be overwhelming to see the names that some of them have...half the time it just looks like a keyboard smash of chemicals!

But have no fear...I am here! In this long post, I'm going to be breaking down the good, the bad, and the ugly. Completely factual and therefore completely honest!

Touch In Sol Mission Complete Mild Scrub

- Glycerin is a great ingredient used for skin-replenishing and skin-restoring. It's an ingredient present in all natural lipids and naturally found in your skin. It works to help the skin establish a normal balance and is a master at hydration. So this ingredient passes with flying colors! Especially for those with dry skin!

- Butylene Glycol is really just there as a solvent for other ingredients, meaning it is there to help with the texture and spread of the product and help the other ingredients absorb faster. It also helps attract water into the skin so it's also good for dry skin.

- Alcohol is actually a controversial skincare ingredient. While it's a great solvent and helps penetrate the skin, it's an extremely drying ingredient especially when it's so close to the beginning of the ingredient list. This is an ingredient that is bad for dry skin and can be bad for sensitive skin as well. It is also debated by experts whether alcohols can actually disrupt the skin's surfance layers. (❗ Alcohols to be concerned about in skincare products are ethanol or ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, methanol, isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol, and benzyl alcohol. (Paula's Choice)).

- Silica is a white powder that often is put into products to make the skin look matte as it has oil-absorbing properties. It can also be used as a thickening agent.

- Citrus Limon (Lemon) Fruit Extract is highly acidic (has a low pH) and thus can be extremely sensitizing to certain people's skin. It is usually used as a lightening ingredient for discoloration such as sun spots and scars.

- Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract is just a fancy way of saying Green tea. It's a "a great antioxidant, UV protectant, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic and antimicrobial" which makes it great for anti-aging and skin issues such as rosacea, acne and atopic dermatitis (Incidecoder).

- Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract isn't bad...but it's not great either. Similar to the lemon extract, it can have exfoliating properties on the skin but can be a skin sensitizer as well.

- Portulaca Oleracea Extract is a famous plant in Korean traditional medicine to treat infections and irritated skin (Incidecoder). It contains lots of great things for your skin: omega-3 fatty acids, NMFs (polysaccharides and amino acids), vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

- Panthenol's main job is to moisturize the skin by attracting and holding onto water. It is also an anti-inflammatory and has skin-protecting ingredients.

- Carbomer converts a liquid into a gel that isn't tacky on the skin.

- Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract is also known as Acai Extract. It's a go-to for antioxidants and contains a higher content than most berries!

- Vaccinium Angustifolium (Blueberry) Fruit Extract is used for it's antioxidants and skin-conditioning benefits as well as vitamin C. When in a skincare product, it helps to intercept skin damage before it happens and complements sunscreen to protect the skin.

- Phyllanthus Emblica (Indian Gooseberry) Fruit Extract has antioxidants and skin-soothing benefits.

- Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Fruit Extract has antioxidants and skin-soothing benefits.

- Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract also contains antioxidants; however, it's scent can cause sensitivity issues. (This is very different from rosemary oil which is BAD for you.)

- Tilia Cordata Flower Extract is used as both a natural fragrance ingredient and a skin-conditioning agent. It has antibacterial, astringent and anti-inflammatory effects. Also is thought to be able to "reverse" premature skin aging (lesielle).

- Chrysanthemum Sibiricum Extract is an antimicrobial/antibacterial ingredient as well as a skin-conditioning agent.

- Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract is a "traditional Chinese herbal medicine loaded with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory flavonoids such as baicalin, baicalein, and wogonin (Incidecoder). It also is said to have antimicrobial and antifungal properties as well as skin-brightening.

- Xanthan Gum is used for thickening the product and is all natural!

- Ethylhexylglycerin is a preservative and synthetic skin-softening agent.

- Charcoal powder is an ingredient used for it's absorption properties and is great for oily skin if used and integrated property. 

- Glyceryl Caprylate helps oils and waters to mix and offers moisturizing and antimicrobial properties by restoring the skin's pols and regulating moisture.

- PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil is another controvercial topic. While it does have some great cleansing properties, it also contains ethylene oxide and 1,4 dioxane as a by-product of manufacturing. While it is non-toxic, it is also a frangrance agent and a fungal acne trigger

❗ Do you have those little bumps on your face that seem to never go away even with all the acne products you use? Then you may have fungal acne. But what is fungal acne? Also known as Malassezia Folliculitis (MF), it's bumps on your face caused by the overgrowth of yeast on your skin. Clink here for more information!

- Potassium Hydroxide is used to regulate the pH of the cosmetic formula. It's okay in small amounts but can aggrevate the skin in higher concentrations.

- Disodium EDTA is used to help with the product's shelf life by preventing ingredients from binding with trace minerals present in the water.

- Fragrance(Parfum) is BAD BAD AND BAD. It's the number one cause of contact allergy to cosmetics and is made of tons of chemicals, 30-50 different ones on average and up to 200! This is an ingredient you absolutely do not want or is even needed in any product.

If you made it this far, thank you and I hoped this was informative for you! I will be making more posts like this for some of the other Touch In Sol skincare products that you've been seeing posts about!

Source links can be found on my other long post "What's In YOUR Skincare Products? Skincare Dos and Don'ts!"

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    Great skin care product. Great ingredients and large tube for mild scrubbing. Liked your breakdown on this posting and review. Love Mission Complete Touch In SOL.

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    I just got mine in the mail a few days ago and I've already used it like a dozen times lol. Hope it's not bad to use it so much I just love the scent and how clean it makes my face feel! Congrats on getting selected!!!

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    this is such a great review. much detail. Im very interested in buying this and trying it out. Thanks for the amazing review.

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