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💨Impressive 'Grab and Go' Makeup Set💨

Trestique 'The Essential 8' Set $175

🕐The best time saving makeup set🕐

Being a mother of a spirited 6 almost 7 year old boy that keeps me going morning till dark, I don't have much time to spend on putting my makeup on.🌞-🌛 Not to mention, I have a health issues🤢 that I am dealing with that make my every day activities very difficult.😷 So having this set saves me so much time and effort so I can use my time on much more important activities.🤷‍♀️ It comes with 8 different items all in a nice little makeup bag that fits in almost any purse.👜 It's a grab and go set.💨

1️⃣Tinted Face Stick 💜 $30

This tinted moisturizer is light, super-smooth and has a cream-gel formula that glides on liquid, drying to a powdery-soft finish.✨ It has buildable coverage and blends easily.👍

I like to draw war paint 🤡 on my face first with it. Drawing lines under my eyes,👀 across my forehead and then swirling it around my cheeks. I use the built-in blending sponge, dabbing it around until it blends evenly across my face. 🤷‍♀️

2️⃣Concealer Crayon 💙

This concealer is extra-smooth, glides on very easy and gives me full, flexible coverage.🤍 It feels lightweight, goes on creamy and lasts throughout the day.🕐

I like to us it under my eyes to cover my dark circles.👀 I use it to line around my eyebrows after they are applied, then I use the built-in blending sponge to blend it out.👌 I dab it over my stinking sun spots too.🌞

3️⃣Contour / Bronzer Stick 💚 $28

This contour stick gives a light veil of bronze wherever I apply it.✨ It give my skin a 'fresh of the beach' glow.🌴 It has a brush built-in that blends out the product so well.👌 

I use it by drawing a line from the center of my ear to halfway across my cheeks. The I frame my nose. Then I dot it around the edges of my entire face. It looks like I'm preparing myself for a face lift. Lol I use the blending in half circle dabbing motions to blend it in. It give my face more depth.

4️⃣Eyebrow Stick / Gel 💛 $24

This brow pencil has a triagle shaped tip🔺 that makes defining my eyebrows easier.😇 It creates natural, precise strokes that shape and fill my brows. The gel gives flexible hold.✨

I use the tip to line out my brows, then turn it slightly sideways, using upward swipes to fill in my brows. That way it looks similar to real hairs. I leave the start of my brows blank, then take the gel and blend it all together swiping upward first, then I sleek them back while fluffing them too........ Saying that, I am blind in one eye and have no depth perception so drawing my brows is incredibly hard.🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

5️⃣ & 6️⃣Eye Pencil & Shadow Crayon 🧡$19-$24

This eye pencil features a versatile gel formula that goes from pinpoint precision📌 to smoky smudge with the flick of my wrist.✍ It has a built-in smudger at the end of the pencil.✏ This eyeliner is gentle enough for my waterline too.👀

I like to use it on my lower and upper waterline. It makes my eyes look larger and brighter.✨I use it to smoke out my eye look sometimes too.👀

The shadow stick is creamy but dries down fast.⏩ It comes with a sponge at one end that blends out the shadow.👀 It doesn't crease or flake.👌 

I usually just dab it on the back of my hand then dab the smudger in it first. It makes it easier to control the amount of product that goes on so I can create different looks with one crayon.

7️⃣ & 8️⃣Good Vibes Mascara & Matte Lip Stick🤍$25 & $25

This mascara is cruelty-free.🐇 It defines and seperates my lashes, 👀 leaving them looking longer, more voluminous and with an increase in curve up to 186%. 🤯 It lasts all day with zero flaking or smudging and easy to remove.👍 It comes with a handy eyelash curler in the lid.👌

I like to start at the outer corner of my eye and work my way in. I try to cover all my lashes by putting the brush at the base of my lashes and the blink slowly so it touches base to tip. It give my lashes more curl too that way.

The matte lip crayon is creamy and really moisturizing. 💦 It looks great by itself or you could use the glossy lip balm that is built-in.💄 The balm can give a light splash of color or mix the two to get a more bold glossy look.💋 It's incredibly kissable.😘

I like to use the balm more than the lip color becaue I like a lighter look but sometime I'll mix the two using the color to line my lips the fill them with the balm.💋💄

 Get the whole set at

Sooo..... I cheated a bit in this look by using a couple other multi-use products. BUT they are small and fit inside the Trestique makeup bag for portability.

On my eyes, lips and cheeks I used my 19/99 Beauty 'Precision Colour Pencils' in shades "Voros" and "Neutra". They are multi-use pencils that can be used in SOOO many ways. I mixed the 2 on my eyes and cheeks. I used Neutra on my lips. 19/99 Beauty Precision Pencils $26 & $26 at

For a bit of Highlight, I used my Ciate London 'Dewy Stix' in shade "Glow". I used it on my cheek bones, nose and around my eyes because it gives me a better shine on camera.

$26 at

There you have it. This is my Trestique quick and easy makeup look. It is great for on the go moms. I definitely recommend this set. You can also add to the set if you want more color. Go check the out at

Until Next Time Lovelies...........

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