IL MAKIAGE Felt Tip Eyeliner Is a Must Have for Sharp Winged Liner

IL MAKIAGE Felt Tip Eyeliner Is a Must Have!
Different eyeliners have different effects. Felt tip eyeliners like the Il Makiage Inkliner go on smooth and leave a sharp, defined line.
Drawing it on with a brush never seems to get the same effect for me!
To use, I start on the inner corner and wing it out from there.
Then I add a few more coats to make it super dark.
Overall I really recommend this product if you're looking for a sharp winged eyeliner look like the one I created in this video!
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  • Pauline

    Liked this Felt Tip Eyeliner as a routine look for going outside. Gives your eyes a better look and gives your eyes a vivid seen. Brings out your eyes. Good job with IL Makiage Inkliner! Want to try this product for a defined look for my eyes! Thanks for sharing in your room.

  • Jennifer Henning

    Definitely a beautiful look. Love it. Inkling is something I'd love to try. Thanks for sharing this product and posting a great review.

  • Rose Katz

    This ink liner looks like it is user friendly. I tend to lean toward the liquid liners and I have had a lot of luck with that. $21 is a bit spendy for me for an eyeliner, but it looks like it works really well. This is a great review. Thanks!🥰

  • Zaira

    I like to trying, my eyeliner skills are bad, lol.

  • Mary Ann Mannella

    Thanks for showing me. I used to always do a wing look when I was a little younger. Now it came back and I'm just a little rusty.Thanks for showing me.

  • Dawn

    Man!!! I CANNOT for the life of me GET that wing look down, much less not stretching the eyelid. You make it easy!!!

  • Patricia Alton

    Great video! You made it look so easy! Wow

  • Sarah

    I definently love this palette

  • Anna hudson

    Looks nice

  • Shannon Grant

    I agree! Felt tipped liners are the best and you have more precision with them ! Great video!

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