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I Was So Impressed With These Kiss Jewel Fantasy Press-On Nails 

I love the look and durability of acrylic nails from the salon, but they are so damaging on my already-thin nails.  Press-on nails are a quick (and affordable!) alternative that provide similar results, with far less damage to the natural nail.Thebeautyjournalsxo Review Jewel Fantasy Press-On nails From KISS_1

I hauled quite a few different styles from the Kiss website during their Memorial Weekend sale, but I was so impressed with the performance of this Jewel Fantasy style in particular that I had to share it with you today.Thebeautyjournalsxo Review Jewel Fantasy Press-On nails From KISS_2
Price: $8.99 (
What it is: You can flaunt a glamorous jeweled manicure in a blue matte oval shape with black and white striped jewel accent nails and you won’t spend a fortune at the salon! ( Review Jewel Fantasy Press-On nails From KISS_3
I’m sure you can see why this particular style caught my eye 🤩. I love the matte cobalt blue and the bejeweled accent nail!  The stiletto shape took some getting used to, as I typically always go for a coffin style, but now I love it!Thebeautyjournalsxo Review Jewel Fantasy Press-On nails From KISS_4
This kit includes 30 medium length nails (6 of which are jeweled), 1 nail filer, 1 cuticle pusher, 20 adhesive tabs, and 1 nail glue.  This is super convenient as you have everything you need to complete your manicure.  I found it was easy to measure out the right size for each nail as there are little numbers on the back of each one.Thebeautyjournalsxo Review Jewel Fantasy Press-On nails From KISS_5
I’ve tried the adhesive tabs before, but I still prefer old fashioned nail glue.  While the adhesives do a decent job keeping the nails bonded, there’s too much temptation (for myself anyhow) to keep pulling at the nail.  Terrible, I know  Applying the glue takes some practice.  You have to apply a thin layer to both your natural nails and the artificial nail.  Use too little glue and you’ll have air bubbles and a weak bond, which affects the longevity of your manicure.  Apply too much and you’ll have a sticky mess.  For that reason, I recommend having a cotton ball soaked with acetone handy to not only clean the nail bed of oils before application, but also to remove excess nail glue quickly before it dries down.
Thebeautyjournalsxo Review Jewel Fantasy Press-On nails From KISS_6
Overall Rating: I was so impressed with quality and performance of these Kiss Jewel Fantasy Press-On Nails that I’m awarding them 10/10 stars.  Press on nails typically start lifting on me around the 6 day mark, but these lasted a full 9 days… and counting!Thebeautyjournalsxo Review Jewel Fantasy Press-On nails From KISS_7
As you can see in the side by side comparison, there is just some natural nail growth at the cuticle, but there are no chips or discoloration in the color or design.  In addition to looking crazy cute, these actually protected my nails in a way, allowing them to grow out longer than if I only had nail polish on.  If you don’t have time to head to the salon or just want an easy, affordable manicure at home, I highly recommend checking these out!
Have you tried these Kiss Press-On Nails?  What are your thoughts on them?
Mary Dee

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