I Tried Milk Makeup’s Famous Skincare And Makeup And I Get It Now...

So I’ve been trying out the following Milk Makeup Products out for a couple weeks now and here are my thoughts…
💧Milk Cooling Water - I use to caffeine-infused chubby stick in the morning to depuff my eyes to prep for makeup, it is also moisturizing.
💧Hydrating Oil - Aside from how cool the packaging looks, this oil stick is easy to use and store. I also use this as a cuticle and hand oil. 
🌞Matte Bronzer - This is your everyday neutral, blendable bronzer, the jojoba oil in the formula makes it super easy to blend. The color is perfect for both bronzing and contouring. 
👀Lash stain -  A little tricky, here's why. It is not meant for lengthening or thickening, it’s more like a lash tint. I like how it looks as a natural lash enhancer after it completely dries. But it claims to dry in 2-5 minutes, but it took an hour to dry on me.

👍I like the overall concept and packaging across Milk Makeup products, and I see myself incorporating these products into my routine differently. If you like a natural, effortless makeup look you would like these products!

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  • Sarah

    I absolutely agree I am in love with milk products too! I love the matcha toner, the stardust highlighter and the primer every product I've tried so far I love! Great product and fun packaging