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I swear this should be "DUPE" of the year, my mind is blown!

If you follow me, then you know I am all about saving money, in any and every way that I possibly can. So last week I was scouring looking for a nice cheap eyeshadow pallet,and I stumbled across this UCANBE *AROMAS ​​​​​pallet, and I just starred at it for like 3 minutes, because it looked hella familiar. And I mean FAMILIAR! I remember last year I got my sister a HUDA *NUDES pallet for her birthday, and I was floored when I noticed that these 2 pallets are damn-near identical. I did some investigating and decided that I needed to shout this from the rooftops! So here it is, I hope you enjoy, and try the UCANBE eyeshadows tooo. They have tons of pallets that are AFFORDABLE!!

UCANBE *AROMAS eyeshadow pallet

📣  18 eyeshadows in 4 ready to layer textures, 11 buttery Mattes, 4 Pure glitter,and 3 pressed pearls. ----Btw the HUDA pallet has only 10 mattes, 5 pressed pearl, and 3 glitter

📝 mix and layer textures to create your own look. Dab the Toppers on the center or all over your lids for a shiny pop. Lair and extra coat using your fingers for an extreme iridescent effect. Apply the pure glitter all over or Lying Eyes with a firm flat brush to give your look up playful hints of shine.

🌿 Mica, talk, caprylic glycerides, magnesium stearate, polylmethacrylate, nylon - 12, sterile dimethicone, 

📦 I personally think that this package is prettier than the HUDA package. The lady in the box is a fox, and I love the giant mirror that comes with it.

💰 This is only $9.99!!!! You can easily find it on

🤓💭 This UCANBE Aromas pallet is off the chain...I am mad for ever buying a $65 dollar pallet... I am not about that "paying for the name" life, when there are identical "dupes" it there for only a fraction of the cost of the name brand. And to be completly honest, I think my $10 pallet looks wayyyyy better than the HUDA pallet. I think my colors are more pigmented and application is a total dream. No fall-out, no mess. I showed my sister this and she couldn't believe her eyes. She even had to admit that my cheap knockoff looks better than her $65 HUDA pallet. HUDA thought???? The last thing I have to say is, give it a try! They have many other fun pallets that are just as good, if not better than the high end stuff. Trust me, I'm a cheapskate.

Thank you for viewing! Did I blow your mind too? I freaking hope so! What is your favorite dupe? Wanna try this one? Hit the 😍❤ and comment below to get that coin! See you soon! ✌


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