❤️ I Really Like This Foundation Cushion From Pony Effect ❤️

This foundation from Pony Effect comes in a cushion compact that also includes a applicator too help press in the foundation. The packaging is quite luxurious and beautiful but in a more simplistic way. I love the mirror gold component and it is a perfect size for traveling. The cushion itself has a nice cute design almost mimicking the top of a blueberry pie crust. I do recommend being a little careful when pressing down on the cushion a lot of foundation comes out when pressing down. The applicator isn’t really my cup of tea I prefer to use my beauty blender. I feel like you can’t really get a good grip on the applicator and it doesn’t really work well with blending in the foundation. When I use my beauty blender I have a reasonably good grip and it blends the foundation out perfectly. This foundation leaves a dewy finish to the skin and also contains SPF 50 to help with sun protection. I really love when makeup contains SPF I just feel like it is an added bonus and it gives my skin double protection. I do recommend still wearing a sunscreen though even if a foundation contains an SPF. Just to be on the safe side. 

This foundation has a nice light weight feel on the skin and doesn’t leave my skin looking or feeling oily. Even after a few hours my makeup is still in place and I have minimal oil on my skin. I mean of course their is going to be some oil considering that tends to happen when wearing makeup especially if you have fairly oily skin but a little bit of powder will fix that issue right up. The foundation has buildable coverage and doesn’t leave my face looking cakey if I decided to go for a more full coverage look. Me personally I usually prefer a more light weight coverage but I have used it in both ways and it works great. I love that this foundation not only evens out my complexion but also brightens it as well. It could almost pass as a BB cream to be honest but it does have a little bit thicker consistency. This foundation is fantastic and leaves my skin with a nice flawless finish. I really like it a lot and would certainly purchase it again. 

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  • Emily Thomas

    i want to try this it now! It can be hard to find a good foundation that has good benefits and doesn't mess up your skin to much!