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I Only Used Drunk Elephant Skincare for 2 Months

Drunk Elephant skincare has been extremely hyped lately but they come with a luxury price tag, so I really wanted to test out the products in depth and figure out which products are worth it & which ones aren’t. I received these products back in the middle of May, some of them I started using immediately, but for the most part I started integrating them into my routine over the course of a couple weeks. I ditched my ENTIRE skincare routine and I’ve been using Drunk Elephant exclusively for 2 full months now so I could give you a thorough & informative review. I tried to keep this video as short and concise as possible (pretty proud I reviewed 10 products in 25 minutes!) so I hope you still find it very helpful if you’ve been curious about this brand. PS. If you didn’t know this review was coming, you clearly aren’t following me on Instagram! Follow me @sarireanna http://bit.ly/2oEu30K and watch my stories to stay in the loop!

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