I'm in love with Milani matte lipgloss

I just bought 2 new 16 hour wear lipglosses and they go on so smooth so much better then Urban decay and tarte. It so smooth and so far it's not chipping on me like most products do. I highly recommend this product. 

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  • Myshell

    Did you wear lipstick under it ? It's absolutely beautiful !! I have a red one from Revlon but when you put it on it looks more clear

  • Sarah

    I absolutely love the red, I'm all about red!! Looks great

  • Daisy

    I so love the RedπŸ‘„πŸ’‹πŸ’–πŸ’„

  • Madison

    I am trying to find a good lipstick that last. I feel like everything I have tried lately isnt staying on for more than an hour :( Big turn off with that. So this does last 16 hours? I like that it is suppose to last that long. And a smooth lipstick is where its at! Great video.