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I’m a brow wiz

        Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz 

       Shade: Dark Brown      Price: $12.00

                    What is this Brow Wiz?

🎉It is this Brow Wiz is a fine Retractable tip this brow whiz pencil can be used in the areas of the brows that are sparse. This brow wiz pencil is ultra fine you can mimic fine hair like strokes because, it's so fine it can help fill in the arches of your brows. This brow wiz is also Smudge proof and I would say sweat proof.🎉

🤢The Brow Wiz has no harash chemicals like; Parabens,Sulfates, and phthalates.🤢

⭐️The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz:⭐️ 

I Use Brow Wiz to help me create a natural arch that fills in my sparse part, over plucked areas. The manufacturer suggests following your natural bone structure but I know we all have different shaped brow bones so it will differ.  I'm in love with this pencil, I ran out of mine with the Covid thing so I had to order this pencil. I'm so glad I picked this up.

I have sparse brows but I brush them up and down lightly pushing on the brow wiz and make my fine line and then use the spooley to blend.



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  • Kachina Xu

    Good job on the close-up shots! I like this brow pencil a lot, the only thing is i tried the morphe one and found that it performs very similarly! You should check those out, too.

  • Bonita kasee

    Looks amazing, great job, my are very thin from age, looks like I could benefit from this, thanks for sharing