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I think I'm going g to keep this in my skincare products for a while! This all in 1 Beauty Aid cream is created to target sensitive and dehydrated skin. Claiming to give ultra-rich moisture while the natural extracts of centalla asiatic and portulaca oleracea relieves stressed skin. It's also a non-oily formula to help makeup stay longer and good for oily skin like myself as well. The packaging is simple but stands out from others. I like the cute chemistry link design on the front and the tube is certain to keep the cream fresh if cap is closed correctly. Directions are on the back in korean as well as English to help you get an idea of what your using and how to use. 

You may want to read the ingredients before purchasing or using because it may contain something that your skin may not can take! That's always the first thing to do. Then you may want to do a skin test as well. Some people are sensitive to fragrances. 

It's great to use in your a.m. or p.m. skincare routine. As your moisturizer or pre-primer after toning, spread over entire face and massage gently. And move on to next step or just go as such. 

The texture of this cream is very smooth and thick like lotion. It instantly relieves dry dehydration of the skin and makes it feel really good. Gives of a great natural shine to be noticed from afar. A radiant healthy glow. 

My thoughts are for this cream to be around for a while. I use this cream on my body as well. My elbows, knees, heels of my feet and back. I really get into the skin and relaxing your skin and there is no drying out or reapplying needed.  It's also great for after showers. I really think this is a great formula for the keeping and I'm glad I had the chance to try it. 

What did you think of this cream?

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